🌱 Policy on Recommending Things

My policy is to recommend only projects which are either independent, small, or non-commercial. Building on top of corporate projects is not disqualifying, and I might make exceptions for some particularly interesting corporate projects.

I don't want to do free marketing for big companies, but at the same time independent creators, and projects need money to survive, and also deserve more attention. The line where a company goes from being small and independent to more 'corporate' is fluid. While technically, companies that are publicly traded, or have accepted investor money are not independent, but I think it's also part of a culture. A fully self-owned company trading in the billions can quickly lose the feeling of being small and independent.

Moreover, I don't want to encourage consumerism. I think most products are unnecessary if not downright useless, but at the same time I want to support small artists and creators as they too have to eat, and there are tools and gadgets that are genuinely useful even if most will eventually go through the enshittyfication process.

So this is where I am at. Split between not wanting to further needless consumption, and wanting to raise awareness for small indie projects. I have tried to distill my thought into the policy above, but ultimately I will review each project on an individual basis, and may make exceptions for particular things. The policy also means that I will not talk about things that I enjoy if they're the product of some big corporation.

The policy was last updated on the 9th of July 2024.

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